Jump Start package: pay just £11,588 to start your Snap-on franchise

No nonsense training

Snap-on is a real, honest business. So it’s no surprise that our approach to training and supporting our new recruits in a no-nonsense one. We’ve trained over 400 franchisees in the UK and Ireland on how to launch and grow their business quickly and with maximum impact. When you join us, you become part of a team. Our network is our family. And we look after you just as we would our family.

Training starts with ten days of classroom-style training where you will learn how to run a successful Snap-on franchise.

  • Product knowledge and application: getting comfortable with our most popular tools
  • Marketing and merchandising: how to build great deals and showcase your stock
  • Salesmanship: we work on a proven ‘features and benefits’ approach to sales
  • Credit selling: helping your customer structure their purchases for long term benefits
  • Customer service and management: how to create and keep happy customers
  • Business administration: behind the scenes work that keeps the wheels turning!
  • Basic accounts: cash collection and banking processes that are as easy as 1, 2, 3
  • Computer training: getting you up to speed on your sales and stock systems.

Then, it’s time to meet the staff who will support you on a daily basis and collect your very own custom-built mobile store. Our facility is BIG! There are over 200 staff here working to make your business a success, from our marketing, finance and customer service departments to the guys and girls who keep our state-of-the-art repair centre and Torque lab running like clockwork. They’re all part of your team now! Confident, knowledgeable and inspired, it’s then time for you to hit the road… but don’t worry. We’ll be with you every step of the way!

Support for life

Our support doesn’t stop once you’re out on the road! Because we’re committed to making sure you have the best possible start to building your business, your one-to-one training continues with your dedicated Franchise Developer who will ride with you for your first four weeks.

As part of our six-month intensive on-boarding process, you’ll then receive a further 31 days of on-van support from a Sales Developer and Business Manager over the following five months, that’s 51 contact days in your first six months! They’ll help you to iron out any creases and really build your confidence with your products and service. After your six-month on-boarding programme, you’ll find your Franchise Performance Team are there to support you for life! Our team of over 150 head office staff support you in all aspects of your business; from sales and marketing to product, IT and finance.

Our continuous support programme is designed to maximise all of your opportunities, making your business a success from day one:

  • Dedicated Franchise Developer for your first four weeks
  • An additional 31 days of on-van support
  • 51 support days within your first six months
  • Dedicated Sales Developer for life
  • Head office telephone support line through to all departments
  • Monthly franchisee forums for training, new product launches and sharing ideas
  • Annual conference and Tool Show – training, networking and entertainment for you and your family
  • National marketing strategy and promotional materials delivered fortnightly
  • National Franchisee Advisory Council – have your say on important topics
  • Head office telephone support line.

Your Business Manager will conduct regular business reviews with you to analyse your business and identify areas for growth. Your Sales Developer will help you to maximise your sales potential and achieve your growth goals, so, the sky really is the limit!

It’s simple really: if you are successful, then so are we. That’s why we provide you with all the training, support and of course, the tools you need, in order to achieve your goals.

Extra Support Programmes

Rock ‘N’ Roll Trucks

 One of four, custom-designed 10-tonne trucks visits two different franchisees every week for two days: at no cost to you!
These trucks sell BIG and customised tool-boxes and generate LOTS of excitement and most importantly, SALES! The trucks are loud, fun and exciting, and the marketing around them is too! The programme provides a great boost to franchisees earnings, not to mention the great fun you’ll have doing it!

One month before the Rock N’ Roll arrives we send out a full marketing pack which includes:

  • A step-by-step weekly checklist for franchisees to follow
  • Posters and glossy flyers
  • VIP tickets and backstage passes
  • Pre-order invites

Just a few ways we get people queuing to step foot on the truck!

AND, you’re not on your own when the truck comes into town. For the two days that the truck is in your territory, a Tool Storage Sales Representative (a Tools Storage expert who is highly trained) will visit customers with you – watch the sales come in thick and fast!

The trucks generate sales for the days that they’re in town and boost brand presence in the local area and have a long-term effect for all franchisees involved.

TechKNOW Trucks

As auto-technology advances, the demand for our diagnostic tools has increased. To help our franchisees to capitalise on this, we launched our ‘Diagnostic Truck’ programme in 2016. Diagnostics continues to be the biggest growth area for franchisees and so, in 2017, we massively enhanced the programme.

There are now seven state-of-the-art Diagnostics trucks (1 per region) on the road year-round. Operated by specialist Diagnostics Sales Representatives (DSRs), the trucks spend two days with a different franchisee every week. Just like the Rock ‘N’ Roll programme, franchisees receive a step-by-step marketing pack one month in advance to prepare for the visit and get customers excited to step on the Truck!

Here’s the best bit:

  • The DSR doesn’t sell new Snap-on stock– they sell only what you, the franchisee has on your van or in stock already
  • Franchisees can ride with DSR to learn sales techniques OR
  • Shadow part-time OR
  • Run their own van simultaneously for double sales/extra calls
  • Each truck will visit 92 franchisees per year.

There is NO COST to our franchisees for this innovative programme, you just have to participate! This is high-end, interactive marketing, direct to the consumer.

“I’ve been a franchisee since 1997 but I still get training! We get updates and meetings to attend but mostly you are constantly gaining experience in selling and how to deal with customers on a day to day basis,”

Elio Auletta, Sutton franchisee

“Snap-on is the best company I’ve ever worked with. I don’t feel like I’m on my own even though I’m out running the business on my own day-to-day. I enjoy working with Snap-on and they’re a great team of people,”

Adam Callis, Cornwall franchisee