“I’m proof that you don’t need experience to be a Snap-on man!”


Adam Trowler, 31, is everything you’d expect from a Snap-on man – hard-working, approachable and customer-centric. Since launching his franchise in Bootle, Liverpool, in October 2018, he’s utilised his skill-set to establish a profitable and scalable business. Less than two years in to his Snap-on journey, the young franchisee is ready for significant growth – [...]

“I’m proof that you don’t need experience to be a Snap-on man!”2020-04-07T14:43:34+01:00

No longer just a number


Paul Macisaac, 38, started his career with Snap-on back in January 2012, operating a mobile store for another franchisee. But it wasn’t long before he wanted a cut of the action for himself! Just two years later, he invested in a franchise in his own right. Since then, he’s doubled the size of his business [...]

No longer just a number2020-03-05T10:48:05+00:00

“All it takes is dedication!”


Scott Jarvie is the definition of hard-working and it’s a badge he’s worn proudly for 30 years. After leaving school, he went straight into full-time employment, working his way up through the merciless world of corporate sales. In early 2017, the single dad found himself tired of the constant travel, tireless regime and lack of [...]

“All it takes is dedication!”2020-01-03T15:37:57+00:00
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